Biohacking: What is it? Should you try it?

Biohacking is a buzzword in the health and fitness industry right now thanks to trends in Silicon Valley, but what is biohacking? Melanie Douglass, registered dietitian, and certified personal trainer explains that it is pretty much just finding a way to live your healthiest life. An added bonus of biohacking is that it prioritizes daily gratitude. Scott and Melanie also talk about a new study that showed organizing your kitchen can help you make healthier choices.

Check in with Scott: When seeing yourself in pictures is demoralizing

This week Scott Mitchell struggled with self-love and body image after seeing himself on camera and being surprised and demoralized by the way he looked. Have you ever had a picture or video send you into a tailspin when you had been feeling good? Melanie reminds Scott that it is important to judge yourself based on how you feel, not how you look. She gives Scott tips on ways to turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

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