Meal Plans

Mediterranean (healthy) Keto

For the month of January Scott will be on a slightly modified keto plan. Instead of heavy cream and meats he will stick to nuts, seeds and plant fats… think avocado. We will keep you updated on how he is feeling each week on the podcast. 

Intermittent Fasting

For the entire month of December Scott is going to experiment with intermittent fasting. You can follow the ups and downs of his journey each week on the podcast. Want to learn more about intermittent fasting and maybe try it yourself? Click the image or ask us your questions.

Clean Protein

Want a meal plan full of REAL FOOD? Then it’s time to try Melanie’s favorite meal plan for those looking to reduce food cravings, eat healthier, and enjoy practical recipes that fit into our fast-paced lives.

Each meal is at least 20% protein, full of veggies and/or fruits, and designed to help you enjoy fueling your body with nutrients. It’s got family friendly recipes like roast, spaghetti, and german pancakes. Yep, you will love this.  

The best part? It’s TOTALLY FREE.

Fall Clean Up

This plan is about more than just
weight loss, although it will definitely
help with that. There’s a reason we call
them healthy foods. The right foods
strengthen your body from the inside
out. They improve your immune system,
power your body’s repair systems that
protect you against heart disease and
cancer, and get your chemistry working for you instead of against you.

This one is also TOTALLY FREE.