No Equipment Booty and Abs - Full Length Workout

Easy To Follow Tabata - Full Length Workout

SIMPLE Strength Circuit - Full Length Workout

SIMPLE Sweat Cardio - Full Length Workout

Write Down Your Health Goals

This week’s challenge doesn’t require anything but a pen and paper. Write down your health goals for the New Year. You are much more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Remember to keep your goals realistic and give them a timeline.

Three Minutes of Bicycle Crunches - demo

Reverse Lunge w/ Balance

Boxing Combination

Get Moving With Family or Friends

This week we challenged you to get outside… or inside with your family. Do something active with the whole family. You could try a hike, swimming or even ice skating. 

Two-step Squat

Meditation Challenge

This week’s challenge was a little different. Take time, even if it’s only five minutes a day, and meditate. Just breathe. Watch the episode to learn more about the benefits and types of meditation. 

Plank Walkout

Shoulder Combo

Scissor Lunges

Rocky Mountain Climbers

Facebook Live Workout With Melanie

Oblique Twisters

200 Jumping Jacks

Three Minutes of Core

100 Squats